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Image Wizard is a great program for searching for files on the Internet.  A couple neat features are a search history so that you can quickly re-run previous searches that you entered with a single tap, as well as being able to easily limit your searches to a particular website.  Another good feature is a "safety mode" which controls if your search results are filtered or not.  The safety mode can be turned on and off via the settings screen.

If you haven't seen Image Wizard yet, check it out in the App Store at


Here are some search criteria you can try to find some interesting images.  Turn off safety mode to get the most images back.  Remember, once you enter a search, you can tap on Recents to see what you've searched on in the past, and with a single tap re-run that search.

We'll be adding more search terms as we find them, so come back often and see what's new!

Search Term    Limit to Site
Liz TaylorFloridabikinis.com
Savanna LloydForidabikinis.com
Amy Sue Cooper          *
hot bikini*