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Scan for All is our newest app to be submitted to the App Store!

This is a great app that you gives you the ability to take advantage of 1D and 2D barcodes.  1D barcodes are nice for shopping and product lookups, but 2D is where it's at!  Check out some of the 2D "QR Codes" below and the action they will launch in the Scan For All App.

One of the neatest things about Scan For All is the custom web app integration.  This means that you can enter a URL and when you scan a barcode, and the app is active, your web page will be called with the barcode passed in on the query string.  If you'd like to see this in action, go into Scan For All, tap on My Apps, tap Add and enter the following information:

AppName: test
AppURL: http://www.scanforall.com/app.asp
App User ID: - not required
App Password: - not required

When the app is active, and you scan a barcode, your web page will be called with the barcode information passed into it on the query string, and the web page will be displayed right inside the App.


4/26/2010 - QR Barcode generator on it's way shortly to generate QR codes for Scan For All.

4/25/2010 - We have submitted an update to the App Store for a few issues discovered with Scan For All.

Scan this and Scan For All will open the web page encoded in this QR Code in it's internal Web Browser.

Scan this code and you'll be taken to a You Tube video viewed with an embedded Video Player...

Scan this contact information (VCARD) and you'll be prompted if you want to add this contact info into your Contacts database on your iPhone

Scan this code and you can view the Geolocation encoded in the code in Scan For All's embedded web browser.

Scan this QR code and you'll be prompted to call the phone number encoded in the QR code...

Scan in this QR code and a new email will pop up, pre-populated with the to address, subject and body filled from the information encoded in the barcode.  The encoded text is as follows:

mailto:support@scanforall.com|this is the subject|this is the body

The subject is the first "pipe delimited" variables and the body is the second.